Hullo, everybody! It's been a pretty big year for the Kids, and in our inaugural update it's time to talk about the end of the season.
That's right - the end of the season. The Kids on the Street: Season One is drawing to an end this month with three releases.
First comes Arthur H. Smith's The Mirror, a tasty little gem from the early days of independent filmmaking. And it's a bit of a departure from the status quo. The Mirror is a Creative Commons-licensed film, so we'll be releasing our joint under a Creative Commons license, as well! That's right -- the next Kids on the Street joint will be absolutely free, available to stream from YouTube and to download from the Internet Archive. We'll also be releasing the raw audio for the riff (video not included) under a CC license that permits commercial use. And you'll finally get to hear Kristy Beidleman take a crack at a movie, too! 
Then, in quick succession, we'll be seeing The Violent Years (handled by Glen, Elizabeth, and Charles) and The Wild Ride (handled by Glen and Elizabeth). Both will be released as Video-On-Demand products through our usual channel at the iRiffs store.
And that's it for the Kids in 2011.
But if you join us in 2012, you'll see we've got some very cool things coming! Like what?
Here's the scoop --
  • January! Ghost Rider: The Extended Cut (Picked by our audience!)
  • February! "Ghost Rider" - a production of Pennsylvania State University and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (A video-on-demand short)
  • March! Captain America - From 1990, starring Matt "Yes, I'm J.D's Son" Salinger as the star-spangled man
And that's just the first three months! It's going to be a bumper crop this year, so get your discs ready, pop some popcorn, and settle in for Season Two of The Kids on the Street!

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