If you've been following the Kids on our website, we wanted to give you a heads-up that on Friday (hopefully) our URL will be changing. We'll be going from our current URL to just plain ol' bringbackmidnightmovies.com -- a URL that currently feature information about another project the Kids were involved in, Suspiria's Rent-Free House of Horrors. Information that is badly in need of an update. That information will soon find a home here, as well.

Why the change? For one thing, as much as we love our hosts at Weebly (hi, guys!), it's easier to remember ".com" than to remember ".weebly.com." For another, the .com URL is currently handled by GoDaddy. You might have heard recently that GoDaddy support some very not-nice things (SOPA and the shooting of elephants among them). So we're going to be transferring the domain from GoDaddy to Weebly.

Stand by to update your bookmarks and your RSS feeds.
7/13/2012 20:58:39

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