We've got quite a few updates on the Movie Humor front. First of all, the Kids on the Street are now the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. We're trying to raise $500 for new equipment. We have 30 days to do it, and our handy-dandy "Help the Kids on the Street" button has been redirected to our Kickstarter campaign. As little as a dollar will help us out!
Second, we've released the penultimate episode of Season 1, The Wild Ride. Starring Jack Nicholson, this classic juvenile delinquent flick features Jack Nicholson shirtless, Jack Nicholson turning on the smarmy charm, and Jack Nicholson in some of the most boring racing action ever filmed. It's available now as a video download at the iRiffs store, and it's great fun for everyone.
And, finally, what's up with our ballyhooed URL change? Well, GoDaddy hasn't exactly been swift to let go of domain registrations. We're still waiting on the domain change to finalize, at which point you'll need to update your bookmarks. So if the Kids on the Street page suddenly disappears, remember -- we're moving to bringbackmidnightmovies.com

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