On Thusrday, you'll be able to see a brand new piece of movie humor from the Kids on the Street at YouTube -- in its entirety. Backers of the Kids on the Street Kickstarter, in the meantime, can jaunt on over and watch it in a backers-only update. The 5-minute Creative Commons-licensed riff is "The Chronicles of Mister A," and it's a doozy.
Mister A lights his pipe, which we are certain contains fine British tobacco
It's medicinal. Glaucoma, old chap.
Mister A is a character from that category of safety films that threw a character into dangerous situations, knowing that he had all of the situation-awareness and self-preservation skills of a Disney lemming on his fifth martini.
Mister A pockets a stack of British pounds
Thanks ever so much for the public safety funds. I'm off to Morocco.
One of the great things about doing movie humor is all of the wonderful life advice you can find squirreled away in these classics. Advice like, "When traveling abroad, carry only five one-pound bills in cash or civilization as we know it will end," and the all-important "don't eat breakfast in the middle of the street."
Mister A takes breakfast in the street
Somebody thought this was a good idea.

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