We've just added a section to our website on how you can help the Kids on the Street spread their particular brand of movie humor. You might notice the friendly blue button to the right of our Updates page, or you might have seen it on our front page, as well. Just click that, and you'll be taken to a wondrous fantasy land. Or possibly to a page detailing how you can help. Six of one, half-dozen of the other....
There are lots of ways you can help, of course, up to and including buying some equipment on our Amazon wishlist. But probably the most important (and cheapest!) way you can help is simply by talking about us.
  • Tweet your favorite Kids on the Street joints and share them on Facebook and Google+
  • Got a blog? Link to The Kids on the Street!
  • Fan us on Facebook or circle us on Google+ (You can find us by searching for +The Kids on the Street)
  • Like something you read on our Updates page? Every entry includes buttons to Tweet and Like it. Share it with your friends!
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel and help us spread our preview videos around.
And finally, word of mouth does wonders. If you talk about our movie humor, more people will stop by to check it out and see what it's all about.

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