Craig Ferguson is a geek phenomenon. A straight-up Whovian with his own chat program so late at night that the network never notices what he's doing. Unless he says something they have to bleep.
But could it be that Craig Ferguson's show is even geekier than you previously thought possible? Can the only late-night host to openly admit to being a Harry Potter fan possibly get any more geek cred? Is it even possible to raise the geekfactor on a show where the host actually keeps a TARDIS on his desk and practically foamed at the mouth when the BBC lent him a Dalek?
Comparison between the on-screen cast of MST3k and Craig Ferguson
Above: MST3k. Below: Craig Ferguson, Experienced Bottom
You bet your sweet bippy it's possible. Because all it takes is a brief look at the facts to discern that when you're watching "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," you're not watching another Jay Leno/David Letterman/I-Wish-I-Was-Johnny-Carson clone!

No, you're watching the continuation of Mystery Science Theater, that much-beloved cow-town puppet show that hit the big time on cable by mercilessly mocking moth-eaten movies.

In the "So crazy the theory's just gotta be true" category, we present to you this. Joel rockets away from the Satellite of Love in an escape pod (conveniently disguised as a crate of hamdingers). Later, his replacement -- Mike -- narrowly escapes from the SoL with his robot friends as it hurtles on a "deadly trajectory" toward Earth.

Meanwhile, the SoL tunnels into the Earth's crust, becoming a basement where a hapless Scottish comedian is entrapped by a tight-fisted network.

What? You need more evidence? Okay....
  • Mike and Joel worked on a cramped, cheaply-furnished satellite, tormented by increasingly poor lighting.
  • Craig Ferguson works in a cramped, cheaply-furnished basement, tormented by increasingly poor lighting.
  • Mike and Joel kept their sanity with the help of their robot friends.
  • Craig Ferguson keeps his sanity with the help of his gay robot skeleton.
  • Mike and Joel mocked movies
  • Craig Ferguson mocks movie stars
  • Mike and Joel were at the mercy of mad scientists
  • Craig Ferguson is at the mercy of mad censors
  • For Mike and Joel, everything stopped for the creepy guy (first Torgo, then Ortega)
  • For Craig Ferguson, everything stops for the creepy dancing horse (who's that at the door?)
  • Mike and Joel made it into Len Peralta's Geek-a-Week collection (on RiffTrax and Cinematic Titanic cards)
  • Craig Ferguson... well, he did make it into Season 2 of Geek-a-Week, but his card was pulled before printing.
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